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When to consider buying Facebook likes?

Facebook likes are a vital part of digital marketing. There are several reasons why people opt for Facebook likes and some of them are mentioned below.

  • If you are kick-starting a new business that requests an online presence, then Facebook is the right place to do it properly. It is true when you will begin the like count will be zero next to the name of your brand which may not look good if you want to gain popularity quickly. So if you are having 100 likes and your competitor is having a million of likes then it is quite evident that the potential customers will get more attracted towards the other brand.
  • The pages which are bad role credibility and the Edgerank rank system of Facebook will push it to the lower level of priority. In this way, the page will receive low interaction and apart from losing the rank, it will also lose various customers.
  • The perception of the success will help in succeeding quicker. The likes will measure the success rate and most of the people will mainly concentrate on looking into the like which your account has for relying on your brand.


  • Every company wants to be the part of the active community and hence having a page with a good amount of likes will help in the exponential growth of the potential customer.
  • The counters or the social widgets that are present on the website will increase the sales rate by 20% and will also increase the conversion and online sales.
  • Facebook likes will also help in increasing the current Facebook likes by 40% and it will change entire statistics and help in the real growth of the brand in the Facebook community. To know more you can also visit http://shareyt.com/.

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